Results Red Zone is here!

Results Red Zone is a series of Heart Rate Monitored HIIT (High intensity interval training) small group workouts.  Each workout will be guided by one of our experienced Fitness Coaches.  During each 60 minute workout you will perform multiple intervals that are designed to take you through 5 zones of training.

•    Zone 1 (Gray): 50-60% – This is very comfortable effort. Aim for zone 1 during the warm-up, cool down, and recovery between higher intensity intervals.

•    Zone 2 (Blue): 60-70% – “Average” effort; easy enough to still maintain a conversation. Use this for training aerobic maintenance or cardiac output, or the volume of blood the heart pumps per minute.

•    Zone 3 (Green): 70-80% – Above average effort. Ideal for training for improvements in aerobic capacity.

•    Zone 4 (Orange): 80-90% – Hard effort, although sustainable. Good for maintaining anaerobic capacity.

•    Zone 5 (Red): 90-100% – As hard as you can go, great for developing anaerobic capacity.

Our goal will be to produce a workout Afterburn Effect by staying in the Orange and Red Zones (zones 4 and 5) for 15 to 20 minutes, ultimately burning calories at a higher rate for the next 24 to 36 hours after your workout.


Results RedZone fitness sessions are fast-paced, high-intensity workouts (with a high-tech component) that will get your body summer-ready! Results RedZone tracks individual progress during the one-on-one or group sessions under the guidance of a motivating certified fitness coach. What’s more, Results RedZone has a powerful nutritional component that optimizes your overall fitness results. It is happening exclusively in the greater Ridgefield area at Results Personal Training & Fitness Center in Ridgefield, CT. When asked why she trains at Results RedZone, client Colleen Cugine commented: It’s motivating to see the results right away. It’s something different when you work out a lot, and you never get bored. I feel that I’ve built a lot of strength and stamina. To try Results RedZone in time for summer, visit Results at 17A Governor Street (behind Main Street) in Ridgefield, or call 203-438-8771;